Image showing a call center agent performing After Call Work on their computer

What is After Call Work (ACW)? How to Improve it?

Every second matters in the hectic world of customer service. What occurs next after a customer conversation concludes can have a big impact on customer satisfaction and agent productivity. How agents spend their time immediately after a call ends can greatly influence. This time, known as After Call Work (ACW), is a vital yet often […]

Intelligent Coaching in Contact Centers

The Complete Guide to Intelligent Coaching in Contact Centers

Introduction Welcome to the world of customer service, where the key to customer satisfaction lies in the expertise of contact center representatives. In this dynamic landscape, intelligent coaching emerges as the catalyst for elevating customer experiences. Explore with us how intelligent coaching transforms representative skills, turning routine interactions into lasting positive impressions. Importance of Contact […]

Boost Your Call Center Conversion Rate

How to Strategically Boost Your Call Center Conversion Rate

If you are looking to enhance your call center’s performance and maximize revenue growth, it’s time to implement strategies to improve call center conversion rate. By focusing on elevating customer interactions, implementing proven techniques and leveraging technology, you can boost your business success. Key Takeaways Elevate Customer Interactions with Conversational Intelligence Conversational intelligence is a […]

Image showing voice metrics that is being used for authentication

Why opt for Voice Biometrics instead of passwords in the Banking industry?

Voice Biometrics in the Banking Sector Voice biometrics in the banking sector involves the utilization of voice patterns to identify and authenticate individuals. This technology adds an extra level of security when granting access to systems or applications. Within the banking industry, voice biometrics plays a crucial role in safeguarding applications and data. It is […]

Top 10 Words Not to be Used in Sales Calls

Nowadays, most of the words used over sales calls are based on human intuition. But Human intuition has its limits. Our research suggests that there are a host of words that kill a sales deal. The data science team at ODIO have analyzed 10000+ B2B sales call recordings using our conversational intelligence platform. Every call […]

Image insinuates the question "How Gender Affects Close Rates in Sales"

How Gender Affects Close Rates in Sales

We have seen a lot of people claiming that women are said to be better sellers or men are said to be better sellers. All these claims are mostly stated out of intuition instead of with a solid reason. So our team at ODIO recorded, speaker-separated, transcribed, and analyzed 10000+ sales calls of men and […]

Advantages of Using Speech Analytics for Sales

Speech analytics is basically a technological software that analyses calls by transcribing them into text for delving deeper in order to derive intricate insights, trends and metrics. These are derived to assess agent performance for constructive feedback and improvement. Moreover, it helps to understand the dynamics of the customer trends which further helps the organisation […]

Acing Sales Pitch to Maximise Conversion

Acing Sales Pitch to Maximise Conversion

A good sales pitch always conveys the intended message to the target company or individual in a very compelling manner. Due to the varying nature of different individuals and companies, crafting a winning sales pitch every time is not easy. Thus, it becomes necessary to create a killer sales pitch with well-defined pitch points that […]