Ensure personalized growth with Tailored coaching for each agent.

Transform every agent into a star performer by identifying areas for improvement. Expedite progress through automated personalized coaching, without the need for manual intervention.​

Why Automated Agent Coaching?

Empower your team with real-time monitoring, dynamic coaching, and proactive measures to elevate performance, compliance, and customer experience.

Agent Performance Tracker

Stay on top of agent performance and activities

Gain comprehensive visibility into team and agent performance. Track call quality metrics and automated AI scores for each agent. Identify areas for improvement in each agent's skill or motivation.

Coaching with automation at scale

Automated peer-to-peer coaching

Deliver tailored coaching recommendations to all agents seamlessly. Generate coaching opportunities based on skillsets, knowledge, and behavior gaps.

Progress with a team leaderboard

Monitor coaching performance on a comprehensive dashboard

Keep tabs on coaching progress through a centralized dashboard. Access the team leaderboard for a clear and comparative view of agent standings.

Unmatched Team-wide excellence

ODIO’s Conversational Intelligence platform captures and comprehends conversations between customers and agents across omni-channel interactions, including phone, web conferencing, email, and chat. By analyzing these interactions, it provides actionable insights to empower organizations in optimizing conversions and efficiently serving customers.


Encourage self-improvement to overcome obstacles in call success. Guide agents in adapting to new customer interaction methods and shedding outdated techniques.


Utilize dashboards and leaderboards to track agent coaching progress and identify warning signs. Keep agents engaged with a learning platform to achieve targets efficiently.


Drive contact center productivity through corrective action initiatives. Foster employee satisfaction by promoting the use of automated coaching capabilities.

Tailored Coaching to upskill your team

Provide tailored coaching sessions with pinpoint accuracy

  • Craft personalized learning paths for each agent.
  • Set deadlines and reminders for timely coaching sessions.
  • Enroll agents or teams, whether in-house or outsourced, for access to coaching resources.
  • Upload and allocate diverse coaching materials.
  • Track coaching progress via an intuitive dashboard.
  • Utilize hierarchical reporting for teams, agents, and coaching content.
Systematically gauge training completion and retention

  • Craft personalized assessment forms based on specific parameters.
  • Evaluate new agents according to onboarding standards.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of coaching and knowledge base utilization.
  • Gain comprehensive insight into team and agent performance.
  • Identify individual agents’ skill or will issues.
  • Distinguish between top and bottom performers.

Master the art of risk management and "failproof" compliance with expert precision.


Integrate conversation intelligence data, including Gen AI-powered insights, seamlessly with all your mission-critical systems.

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