An image of a man and woman in a call center, both wearing headsets, symbolizing the transformation of contact center experiences through AI in customer service

Agents can prioritize customers instead of being consumed by notes

In today’s era of digitization and intense competition, businesses recognize the paramount importance of customer experience. It goes without saying that exceptional customer support and service are instrumental in creating a positive customer experience, and the contact center serves as a pivotal component in achieving this. To effectively cater to their customers, businesses worldwide have […]


The transformative impact of Voice AI on the Automobile BDC

What does BDC stand for? A BDC, short for Business Development Center, refers to a team of agents responsible for providing customer support by managing inbound and outbound customer inquiries, scheduling showroom visits, service appointments, and other related tasks. Forward-thinking car dealerships understand the significant potential for return on investment in their customer assistance and […]

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Using Conversational AI to Increase Adoption and Reduce Abandonment

The application of conversational AI involves using voice and text-based dialog management systems to interact with users and provide answers to their questions. While text-based systems have been used for some time, their success has been inconsistent due to rushed deployment by some businesses resulting in frustrated users.  However, recent successes such as ChatGPT have […]

Customer Support Future

The Future of Customer Support Lies in the Power of AI

A few decades ago, businesses invested in call centers to improve their relationships with customers by offering a way to inquire or complain about their products or services. These centers mainly relied on fixed-line telephone lines, which worked well for linear communication. However, with the advent of advanced communication technologies, customers now have various means […]