Empower Your Agents: Streamline Complex Travel Queries and Boost Bookings with Our Assistance!

ODIO’s AI-powered solution empowers your travel agency to thrive in peak seasons by transforming agent performance and ensuring exceptional customer experiences. Equip agents to provide exceptional customer experiences during peak travel seasons.

How does ODIO revolutionize Travel & Hospitality contact centers?

ODIO’s AI-powered solution empowers your Travel & Hospitality contact center to thrive in challenging times, fostering customer loyalty and future-proofing your business.

Coaching for Crisis Communication

ODIO analyzes agent interactions and identifies areas for improvement in crisis communication techniques. It provides real-time coaching prompts to ensure agents remain calm, professional, and reassuring during stressful situations.

Omnichannel Support & Reduced AHT

ODIO provides a unified platform for managing inquiries across various channels (phone, email, chat). This allows agents to seamlessly switch between channels and access customer history, leading to reduced average handle time and increased first-call resolution.

Customer Intelligence & Anticipatory Service

ODIO analyzes past inquiries and travel trends to identify potential disruptions and customer needs. This empowers you to proactively develop contingency plans and offer solutions before issues arise, exceeding customer expectations.

Make Winning a Habit

Dramatically improve the booking experience, leading to more bookings, happier customers, and a thriving business.

Clear Forcasts
Increased Sales in Travel

Smoother Booking Journeys

Empower agents to respond with empathy during crises, fostering customer trust and satisfaction. Utilize real-time monitoring and guidance to expedite the booking process, minimizing hold times, enhancing first-call resolution, and accelerating sales cycles.

Streamline operations

Effortless Multi-Channel Suppor

Empower agents with automated AI feedback and CSAT scores, fostering proactive engagement and continuous improvement. Incorporate flexibility in customer support across various channels like chat, email, and voice calls.

Team-2 (1)
Compliance & Sentiment
Uncover Winning Behavior

Drive Peak & Off-Season Success in Travel

Encourage agents to replicate effective actions and phrases for customer retention. Leverage past peak and off-peak season insights to identify top-performing agent behaviors. Analyze patterns and successful actions during these periods to optimize current strategies.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Improved CSAT with Automated Agent Coaching

Enhance crucial CX metrics like Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Average Handling Time (AHT), and First Call Resolution (FCR) by fostering peer-to-peer coaching. Equip agents with a comprehensive customer experience (CX) skill set by providing them with package details and effective communication strategies.

Inspect Your Process
Compliance & Sentiment
Uncover Hidden Revenue

Drive Growth in Travel with Conversation Intelligence

Uncover Untapped Revenue Streams: Harness the power of customer intelligence to dissect every customer interaction, capturing insights on objections, sentiments, competition, pricing differentials, service gaps, preferred communication channels, best practices, and emerging travel trends.

Bag More Bookings with AI & Build Customer Loyalty!

Don’t settle for guesswork, empower your team with data-driven insights. ODIO’s  AI-powered tools empower your travel agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences and close more deals.

Effortless Expertise

Equip agents with real-time information on flights, hotels, and travel requirements.

AI-Powered Coaching

Guide agents with data-driven recommendations and persuasive talking points.

Faster Bookings

Streamline booking processes and close deals efficiently and personalized service and build trust.

Every Interaction = Increased Value

Supercharge your team with our AI-driven platform, tapping into 41 billion data points across 24 nations and 18 languages. Our cutting-edge technology, powered by Language Models, enables you to make smart decisions, improve agent performance, and enhance CSAT.

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Increase in WIN rate
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Increase in Cross Sell
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Reduction in Sales Cycle
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Reduction in Ramp up time

Master the art of risk management and "failproof" compliance with expert precision.

Transform your Travel Contact Center with ODIO's Conversation Intelligence!

Leverage conversation intelligence to analyze 100% of customer interactions, extracting insights on new sales opportunities, Streamline booking processes, and data-driven recommendations. Provide exceptional customer experiences today and cultivate loyal customers for tomorrow.

No more silos—just seamless connectivity for maximum efficiency and insights.

Odio’s Conversational Intelligence platform gets connected to all the systems already in use by you.

Let us help you, help your customers.