Enhance Engagement with ODIO Insights to get the Voice of Customer.

Gain actionable insights from 100% of conversations with scalable voice of customer analysis. Identify areas needing attention and refine agent training and product offerings to meet customer expectations precisely.

Business Excellence with Voice of Customer

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Boost in CSAT Scores
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Increase in Sales

What sets ODIO Insights apart?

Business Growth with Deep Customer Insights

Go beyond just responding to customer feedback.

Address Customer Feedback for Enhanced Loyalty and Repeat Business. Uncover Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities. Leverage Customer Behavior Trends for Targeted Sales Strategies. Seize Niche Opportunities Ahead of Competitors. Streamline Customer Inquiries and Complaint Handling.

Agent Superpowers: A Roadmap to Customer Delight

Align communication with what truly resonates with customers.

Revise Call Scripts for Improved Communication Ensure Agents Have Access to Updated Knowledge Base. Provide Targeted Coaching and Training. Decrease Call Volume by Updating FAQs Encourage Personalized Interactions for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction.

Unleash the Power of Every Customer Interaction

Enable Scalable and Adaptable Data Analysis

Automate Insight Collection for Scalability Analyze Every Customer Conversation, Not Just a Fraction. Efficiently Process Calls, Chats, and Emails in One Platform. Identify Patterns and Key Topics Across Thousands of Interactions.

Breakthrough Customer Understanding: Drive Business Growth

Customer Intelligence Unleashed
  • Mine the Voice of Your Customer: Capture critical insights from every interaction – conversation drivers, objections, competitor mentions, sentiment, frequent questions, and desired features.
  • Insights Powerhouse: Gain detailed analysis by topic, including customer satisfaction scores, sentiment breakdown, agent performance, and more.
  • Pinpoint Improvement Areas: Identify and highlight low-quality calls, saving valuable time for auditors and managers.
  • Unlock the Power of Sentiment: Access detailed breakdowns of customer emotions within each conversation.
Custom Tracking for Competitive Advantage
  • Tailored Insights Engine: Gain insights honed to your specific business needs and industry. Track parameters and issues unique to your market.
  • Uncover Hidden Connections: Identify correlations between customer concerns, allowing you to proactively address them.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Track emerging customer trends to anticipate their needs and gain a competitive edge.

Unify Your Team, Elevate Customer Experience

Agents: Personalized Interactions Driven by Customer Understanding

Identify Training Needs and Enhance Agent Performance with Actionable Insights. Refine Interaction Strategies and Processes Based on Customer Feedback to Boost Satisfaction.

Managers: Coaching for Excellence with Real-World Data

Identify Training Needs and Enhance Agent Performance with Actionable Insights. Refine Interaction Strategies and Processes Based on Customer Feedback to Boost Satisfaction.

Leaders: Strategic Decision-Making Powered by Customer Insight

Leverage Customer Trends and Feedback for Long-Term Strategies and Operational Enhancements. Maintain High Service Standards with Detailed Insights into Customer Interactions.

Craft Unforgettable Customer Journeys

Provide tailored coaching sessions with pinpoint accuracy

  • Craft personalized learning paths for each agent.
  • Set deadlines and reminders for timely coaching sessions.
  • Enroll agents or teams, whether in-house or outsourced, for access to coaching resources.
  • Upload and allocate diverse coaching materials.
  • Track coaching progress via an intuitive dashboard.
  • Utilize hierarchical reporting for teams, agents, and coaching content.
Systematically gauge training completion and retention

  • Craft personalized assessment forms based on specific parameters.
  • Evaluate new agents according to onboarding standards.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of coaching and knowledge base utilization.
  • Gain comprehensive insight into team and agent performance.
  • Identify individual agents’ skill or will issues.
  • Distinguish between top and bottom performers.

No more silos—just seamless connectivity for maximum efficiency and insights.

Odio’s Conversational Intelligence platform gets connected to all the systems already in use by you.

Master the art of risk management and "failproof" compliance with expert precision.

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