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Real Customer Results with ODIO



Faster Agent Onboarding


Reduction in Sales Cycle


Increase in customer satisfaction (CSAT)


Increase in Win Rate

ODIO Powerful Features



Integrate with all conversation channels; emails, chats, calls, video calls & social.



Real-time and post facto actionable insights                                  


Conversation AI

Conversation AI with speech to text accuracy of 85+%



Cognitive automation of required actions

Smart Signals

ODIO looks for “smart signals” in calls, which help managers steer teams toward the types of conversation and tone that is likely to drive more revenue, strengthen customer engagement, reduce churn, and help you build better products.

Revenue Intelligence

Understand your revenue opportunity based on facts instead of opinion. Discover the risks in opportunity and negative signals before deals get churned. Train your team towards more deal closures.

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Team Intelligence

Identify your team’s winning behaviour and replicate across the board. Understand what your best agents do and how they do to transform your team into super sellers and support agents.

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Market Intelligence

Understand your market based on facts through VOC. Tweak your GTM strategy and pitch messaging so that you hit the right spot everytime. Be the market leader to foresee the shift in sentiments in your industry.

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How ODIO Works?

ODIO analyzes customer conversations and reveals trends in how your external-facing teams operate. Our AI-powered analysis helps you make smarter decisions, increase revenue, improve customer engagement, and build better products.


Our seamless integrator connects with your existing dialer and telephony system to capture the customer interactions. Integrator has capabilities to take textual feed of your customer chat and emails as well.


Our best in class automatic speech recognition (ASR), proprietary AI, and natural language processing (NLP) frameworks reveal hidden trends, recommend actions, and predict call outcomes in realtime.


Generate insights that strengthen customer engagement, increase sales, reduce churn, and help you build better products. In nut shell our insights help you take smarter business decisions.

Raise the Bar, Not the Volume

Happier Customers

ODIO identify positive and negative intent signals in customer conversations for 100% of your calls. Use our sentiment mapping to understand how customers are talking about your product, service, and competition.

Real-time Insights

ODIO guides your agents through conversations as they happen, suggesting the best responses to customer questions, issues, and objections. And by "real-time" we mean instantly. In the moment, as it happens.

Resounding Revenue

Your sales team can close more deals by concentrating on their highest potential prospects and customer support can increase retention by giving at-risk customers a little extra attention.

Keystroke of Fortune

Where no call has gone before.

Our proprietary AI technology guides you towards achieving better outcomes. We build our own neural networks and support them with an active learning pipeline to ensure we are continuously learning what matters most to your business.

Accurate transcriptions. Naturally.

Open-source speech software isn't accurate enough to capture industry-specific jargon and acronyms that form the basis of everyday business conversations. We have built our speech recognition technology from the ground up; we customize our language and acoustic models to deliver incomparable speech recognition, yielding an industry-low 8.8% word error rate.

Productive conversations.

Customer conversations are full of stories of real user experiences that can guide product research beyond the sandbox and into the field, letting you anticipate and develop new features or offerings ahead of the game.

The AI-ce Up Your Sleeve

Our best in class automatic speech recognition (ASR), proprietary AI, and natural language processing (NLP) frameworks reveal hidden trends, recommend actions, and predict call outcomes in realtime, live, during the conversation.

All for One and One for All

Whether you’re CEO, support lead, or sales rep, ODIO is the realtime voice analytics solution you need to identify, learn from, and act on customer insights.

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