Frequently Asked Questions?

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What is ODIO?

ODIO is the #1 speech intelligence platform for customer support and sales team. It helps users close more deals and better support customers by spot lighting team’s conversations. It captures, transcribes, and analyzes all calls so users can drive sales effectiveness and enhance the customer support experience.

How does ODIO work?

ODIO captures all customer interactions across calls, chats and emails. It analyzes what is being said in these interactions and generates meaningful insights to win more deals and better support the customers.

What problems does ODIO solve?

ODIO’s AI-powered Conversational Intelligence platform solves many problems like the slow onboarding process of new support and sales staff, Poor sales and support conversations happening across the team, Inefficient call coaching, Inconsistency of workload across the board, Guesswork happening in the team on training needs, support and sales strategies and/or Lack of information to make reality based decisions.

What kind of organizations are perfect customers to ODIO?

Professional organizations into sales and support through calls who need to capture the conversation data and get visibility of performance.

What has to be done to start using ODIO?

ODIO has to be integrated with your dialer or telephony system to capture the conversation data. Beside this integration, ODIO is a SAAS application deployed on cloud. Though, ODIO also supports on premise deployment.

Won’t my agents worry about ODIO implementation?

We’ve noticed that individual agents are the most enthusiastic users of ODIO, as it provides an equal ground to them to get better than their last call. Platform unleashes the endless possibilities to learn from each other and improve the game.

How accurate are the results?

ODIO has a highly optimized and efficient speech-to-text model, which allows it to achieve accuracy of 85% – 90%. ODIO machine learning models identify the contextual topics talked about in conversation, independent of specific keywords.

Do my agents need to inform customers about ODIO analysis?

As a practice we recommend that customers have to be informed about call recordings but not necessarily about ODIO analyzing these recordings.

How secure are my recordings with ODIO?

ODIO offers the highest level of security to all its customers. Recordings and processed data are stored in Amazon data centers and are encrypted at rest and in transit.

How complex is the ODIO setup?

ODIO has to do one simple integration to receive the conversation data, create an account with access controls and you are good to go.

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