Image shows an aquarium with some fish jumping out to insinuates attrition

Mitigating Customer Attrition through Conversational AI and Data Analysis

Service providers face a significant challenge with customer churn Despite the considerable advancements made by telecommunication and cable companies in reducing churn, the rate of customer attrition is currently experiencing an upward trend. Even a slight increase in churn, by just one basis point, can result in substantial monthly losses in customer value, exceeding $1 […]

Image showing voice metrics that is being used for authentication

Why opt for Voice Biometrics instead of passwords in the Banking industry?

Voice Biometrics in the Banking Sector Voice biometrics in the banking sector involves the utilization of voice patterns to identify and authenticate individuals. This technology adds an extra level of security when granting access to systems or applications. Within the banking industry, voice biometrics plays a crucial role in safeguarding applications and data. It is […]

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Substitute Manual Call Center Coaching with Automation

Manual call center coaching typically involves a supervisor or manager working closely with a call center agent to help them improve their performance. The process usually involves several steps, including monitoring calls, providing feedback, and offering additional training or support. One of the first steps in a traditional call center coaching is to monitor calls […]


Exploring the Possibilities of Conversational Marketing for Lead Generation and Revenue Expansion

Conversational marketing is an interactive approach to marketing that utilizes real-time conversations to engage users and propel them efficiently through the customer journey. It creates authentic experiences that foster interactions between consumers and buyers. Conversational Marketing adopts a one-to-one approach, where brands engage in conversations with customers through calls, chats, or emails. These conversations assist […]


Current Priority Investments for Revenue-Generating Contact Centers (It’s Recommended for You as Well)

Driving Revenue: The Vital Importance of Contact Centers in Generating Business Growth In today’s landscape, revenue serves as the lifeblood of every company. The ability for contact centers to transcend their traditional role as cost centers and actively contribute to revenue generation has become increasingly crucial. Amidst unprecedented uncertainty, contact centers are diligently exploring avenues […]


Boosting AHT Effectiveness: 6 Proven Methods to Enhance Efficiency while Maintaining High CSAT

In the contemporary contact center environment, data-driven performance metrics, including the critical Average Handle Time (AHT) for customer interactions, hold utmost importance. AHT is measured across calls, chats, and query resolutions, allowing managers to gauge representative efficiency. The continuous measurement of performance metrics, along with a focus on average handling time effectiveness, plays a vital […]

An image illustrating a phone conversation between a man and woman, emphasizing the relevance of Automated promise management in business and the advantages of automating the process.

The conversation with the customer doesn’t end with the termination of the call

The adage ‘Actions speak louder than words’ resonates in the dynamic interaction between service providers and their customers. According to a recent survey, a staggering 70% of respondents acknowledged businesses making promises in the past year. However, only 60% perceived those promises as fulfilled. The disconnect deepens as nearly two-thirds of participants reported multiple instances […]

Illustration showcasing the evolving Role of Chatbots in Customer Service, emphasizing AI and NLP advancements

Reimagining the Role of Chatbots in Customer Service

At what point does a customer service chatbot transcend its basic function? When it engages in natural communication with AI-powered customer service capabilities. The association between chatbots and customer service has been well-established. However, despite their prevalence, customer service chatbots have undergone minimal changes in recent decades. While they excel at handling basic inquiries like […]