Exploring the Possibilities of Conversational Marketing for Lead Generation and Revenue Expansion

Conversational marketing is an interactive approach to marketing that utilizes real-time conversations to engage users and propel them efficiently through the customer journey. It creates authentic experiences that foster interactions between consumers and buyers. Conversational Marketing adopts a one-to-one approach, where brands engage in conversations with customers through calls, chats, or emails. These conversations assist […]


Current Priority Investments for Revenue-Generating Contact Centers (It’s Recommended for You as Well)

Driving Revenue: The Vital Importance of Contact Centers in Generating Business Growth In today’s landscape, revenue serves as the lifeblood of every company. The ability for contact centers to transcend their traditional role as cost centers and actively contribute to revenue generation has become increasingly crucial. Amidst unprecedented uncertainty, contact centers are diligently exploring avenues […]


Boosting AHT Effectiveness: 6 Proven Methods to Enhance Efficiency while Maintaining High CSAT

In the contemporary contact center environment, data-driven performance metrics, including the critical Average Handle Time (AHT) for customer interactions, hold utmost importance. AHT is measured across calls, chats, and query resolutions, allowing managers to gauge representative efficiency. The continuous measurement of performance metrics, along with a focus on average handling time effectiveness, plays a vital […]

Closing the Toughest Sales Deals

Closing the Toughest Sales Deals

Closing the toughest sales deals is a potential nightmare for many sales agents because of its random and complex nature. It becomes vital to understand the complexity and particulars of the product to alleviate the pain points of their client. This incurs a rigorous manual training process that further involves the usage of multiple use […]