What is Conversational Intelligence?

ODIO’s Conversational Intelligence platform captures customers and agents conversations across phone, web conferencing, email and chat, understands what was said and discussed in these conversations, analyzes and delivers insights to help organizations drive better conversions and serve customers efficiently.

Revenue Intelligence

Understand your revenue opportunity based on facts instead of opinion. Discover the risks in opportunity and negative signals before deals get churned. Train your team towards more deal closures.

  • Get real-time view of your revenue opportunities
  • Proactively identify the problem areas
  • Customize your offerings to customers to drive more sales

Team Intelligence

Identify your team’s winning behaviour and replicate across the board. Understand what your best agents do and how they do to transform your team into super sellers and support agents.

  • Get hold of individual and team performance based on facts
  • Design and develop personalized training programs
  • Replicate your high performing agents traits across the board

Market Intelligence

Understand your market based on facts through VOC. Tweak your GTM strategy and pitch messaging so that you hit the right spot everytime. Be the market leader to foresee the shift in sentiments in your industry.

  • Get deeper insights of your market competition
  • Customize your offerings to be relevant and highly competitive
  • Be the first in the market to react against VOC

ODIO in Action



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