What is Revenue Intelligence?

Revenue Intelligence is the visibility of your entire journey to acquire a new customer starting from the lead to deal closure. It gives you an edge over competition to proactively address the deal closure risks. Customer conversations are filled with insights that should guide product development and help marketing position products to customers more effectively. ODIO tells you what to build and how to talk about it.


See all your customer interactions at glance and know your deal health with deeper insights on risks.

Artificial Intelligence

ODIO AI identifies the risks so you can proactively address the blockers and win more deals.


Work closely with your team on deal closure and ensure smooth handshake with new customers.

3 Steps Journey to Revenue Intelligence

Understand your revenue pipeline

You don’t have to settle with personal views and opinions on your revenue opportunities. ODIO offers you a unified view of all your revenue deals so you can quickly take stock of your deals health.

ODIO helps you to monitor:

  • Call interaction score
  • Conversion probability
  • Customer engagement score

Address your risks

Proactively identify your risks and bottle necks. Figure out if right decisions are made to convert a deal? Are you ready for the right counter offer? Be on top of your deal to convert risks into opportunities. 

ODIO helps you to monitor:

  • Customer sentiment
  • Agent pitch score
  • Competitor mentions
  • Price sensitivity
Address Your Risks

Help your team

Help your team to succeed and grow with every deal. ODIO helps you to transfer the deal insights knowledge and actionables at scale.

ODIO helps you to monitor:

  • Winning team behaviour
  • Under performing teams
  • Non compliances
Help Your Team

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