The Benefits of Conversational AI and Automation for Banking and Financial Companies

The implementation of conversational AI and automation has the potential to bring about a significant transformation in the banking and financial sectors by streamlining repetitive tasks and enhancing the customer experience. By leveraging AI and automating contact centers, banking and financial services can be made more accessible and user-friendly. The integration of conversational AI in […]


The transformative impact of Voice AI on the Automobile BDC

What does BDC stand for? A BDC, short for Business Development Center, refers to a team of agents responsible for providing customer support by managing inbound and outbound customer inquiries, scheduling showroom visits, service appointments, and other related tasks. Forward-thinking car dealerships understand the significant potential for return on investment in their customer assistance and […]

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Using Conversational AI to Increase Adoption and Reduce Abandonment

The application of conversational AI involves using voice and text-based dialog management systems to interact with users and provide answers to their questions. While text-based systems have been used for some time, their success has been inconsistent due to rushed deployment by some businesses resulting in frustrated users.  However, recent successes such as ChatGPT have […]


Emerging Trends in Conversational AI for 2023

It’s an undeniable fact that AI is the future, and it’s making digital life more comfortable and convenient. Conversational AI has been a hot topic in the IT industry for several years, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be fading away. According to recent statistics, the conversational AI market was worth $40.9 million in 2018, […]


What is an AI agent assist? How can it benefit a company?

What Is an AI Agent Assist AI agent assist refers to a virtual assistant that simulates human interaction and can automate workflows, thereby reducing manual effort in a company. While it is commonly used in customer service, it can also be utilized in other areas such as medical or technical support, sales and marketing, and […]


The Revolutionizing Impact of AI on Workplace Safety

Rising concerns about workplace safety are being driven by factors such as increased work demands, inadequate employee support, and the introduction of new technologies. Business leaders are increasingly worried that workplace safety will become more challenging to maintain due to shifts in employee mental health and talent retention, with over one-third of them sharing this […]