Have Quick Glance of Your Journey to Success

As individual agent you will have all the power in hand to understand how you are doing in field and do course correction at right time.

Understand your customers

View all your customers problems, wishlist and their challenges with ODIO machine learning algorithms.

  • Customer field issues
  • Customer wish around your product and services
  • Customer satisfaction score
Understand Your Competition

Unleash your performance

View all your performance matrix at one place. Look out for areas of improvment and replicate your winning traits everytime.

  • Agent pitch score
  • Agent interaction score
  • Agent rate of speech
  • Agent empathy level
Unleash Your Performance

Implement your personalized strategy

With all the amazing analytics around individual performance, agents will have opportunity to customize their way of working and keep growing.

  • Customize agent training need
  • Take proactive actions to enhance conversions
  • Take necessary steps to enhance cross-sell
Implement Personalised Strategy

ODIO Impact on Life of Sales Agents


Increase in Win Rate


Reduction in Sales Cycle


Reduction in Agent Perfromance


Increase in Cross Sell

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