Wow Customer Experience Everytime

Converstational intelligence helps you to build strong, predictable and healthy relationship with your customers.

Understand your customers

View all your customers problems, wishlist and their challenges with ODIO machine learning algorithms. 

  • Customer field issues
  • Customer wish around your product and services
  • Customer satisfaction score
Understand Your Competition

Understand your agents

Your agents are brand embassador of your product and services and have direct influence towards setting up customer perspective and their satisfaction.

  • Understand rockstar agents trait
  • Understand agents challenges
  • Identify agents training need
Team-2 (1)

Onboard your new agents quickly

As customer success leader you would love to replicate your winning formula at scale which requires to build passionate support team and keep growing it.

  • Understand your agents training need
  • Formulate the customize program
  • Onboard new agents quickly and efficiently
Onboard Your Agents Quickly

Protect and grow your accounts

With all the power of AI and Machine Learning in hand, ODIO enables you to protect customer to get churn and keep growing your revenue with your existing accounts.

  • Identify customer churn risk
  • Understand customer sensitivity towards issues
  • Remove road blocks
Protect & Grow Your Accounts

ODIO Impact on Life of Customer Success Leaders


Increase in CSAT


Reduction in Support Cycle


Reduction in Agent Ramp up Time


Increase in Cross Sell

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