The transformative impact of Voice AI on the Automobile BDC

What does BDC stand for? A BDC, short for Business Development Center, refers to a team of agents responsible for providing customer support by managing inbound and outbound customer inquiries, scheduling showroom visits, service appointments, and other related tasks. Forward-thinking car dealerships understand the significant potential for return on investment in their customer assistance and […]


What is an AI agent assist? How can it benefit a company?

What Is an AI Agent Assist AI agent assist refers to a virtual assistant that simulates human interaction and can automate workflows, thereby reducing manual effort in a company. While it is commonly used in customer service, it can also be utilized in other areas such as medical or technical support, sales and marketing, and […]


The Future of Customer Support Lies in the Power of AI

A few decades ago, businesses invested in call centers to improve their relationships with customers by offering a way to inquire or complain about their products or services. These centers mainly relied on fixed-line telephone lines, which worked well for linear communication. However, with the advent of advanced communication technologies, customers now have various means […]

Transcription Accuracy

The importance of transcription accuracy in contact center conversation intelligence

Many businesses miss out on valuable insights due to inaccurate transcription in their call centers. This highlights the crucial role that transcription accuracy plays in the success of a business. Companies are now using conversation intelligence and quality assurance (QA) automation solutions to extract insights from frontline interactions in call centers. However, one critical element […]


Maximizing Customer Service Efficiency with 5 AI-based Techniques

Appreciating the Value of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service and AI Agent Support In today’s digital age, customers want fast, efficient, and personalized customer service. To deliver on these expectations, businesses are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI-powered customer service solutions can automate routine tasks, analyze customer data, and provide tailored recommendations to enhance the […]