Mitigating Customer Attrition through Conversational AI and Data Analysis

Service providers face a significant challenge with customer churn Despite the considerable advancements made by telecommunication and cable companies in reducing churn, the rate of customer attrition is currently experiencing an upward trend. Even a slight increase in churn, by just one basis point, can result in substantial monthly losses in customer value, exceeding $1 […]


Why opt for Voice Biometrics instead of passwords in the Banking industry?

Voice Biometrics in the Banking Sector Voice biometrics in the banking sector involves the utilization of voice patterns to identify and authenticate individuals. This technology adds an extra level of security when granting access to systems or applications. Within the banking industry, voice biometrics plays a crucial role in safeguarding applications and data. It is […]


Boosting AHT Effectiveness: 6 Proven Methods to Enhance Efficiency while Maintaining High CSAT

In the contemporary contact center environment, data-driven performance metrics hold utmost importance. With numerous parameters and metrics to consider, one may question the extent of emphasis placed on data. However, in reality, the continuous measurement of performance metrics plays a vital role in shaping the customer experience. Among these metrics, one that remains top of […]


The transformative impact of Voice AI on the Automobile BDC

What does BDC stand for? A BDC, short for Business Development Center, refers to a team of agents responsible for providing customer support by managing inbound and outbound customer inquiries, scheduling showroom visits, service appointments, and other related tasks. Forward-thinking car dealerships understand the significant potential for return on investment in their customer assistance and […]


What is an AI agent assist? How can it benefit a company?

What Is an AI Agent Assist AI agent assist refers to a virtual assistant that simulates human interaction and can automate workflows, thereby reducing manual effort in a company. While it is commonly used in customer service, it can also be utilized in other areas such as medical or technical support, sales and marketing, and […]